Carve up bodies and hoover up the blood in Serial Cleaners

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Serial Cleaners has made a right bloody mess tonight, readers. But Draw Distance’s bloody crime scene cleaner is doing its best to tidy up the place. Hopefully before any cops show up and start asking questions.

Announced at last year’s Future Games Show, Serial Cleaners returns with a proper dose of body-hauling gameplay at this year’s show. It’s the sequel to 2017’s Serial Cleaner, and the premise remains the same—you work for the mob, cleaning up crime scenes and getting rid of any damning evidence while avoiding inquisitive coppers.

The difference is that now it’s the ’90s, and you’ve got a whole crew of cleaners with their own skillsets. In this rather grim case, our man is a dab hand at sawing apart bodies and hoovering up blood with a vacuum cleaner. It’s all very Viscera: Cleanup Detail, albeit with more mob murders and fewer alien invasions. For now, at least.

The sequel is also sporting a seriously gorgeous painted 3D style that bears more than a passing resemblance to Disco Elysium. We’ll let the comparison slide, given that it’s a perfect fit for the game’s manic jazz soundtrack, and a natural evolution of the first game’s Saul Bass-style cut-outs.

Serial Cleaners is due to come out on Steam later this year.

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