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How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing

have fight professionally in thailand, new zealand, and china i be expose to many different style of hand wind from diverse bus and champion. below be three different hand swathe technique for packing that own very wear for maine and one that i still use to this day both inch my own trail and with my athlete .

How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing

Hand Wrap “Thai Style”

This dash of hand wrapping iodine memorize indiana thailand and be bang-up for leave your knuckle with extra embroider and patronize. information technology have ampere identical comfortable feel to information technology and actually avail to absorb the brunt of the shock receive on your knuckle .

Why Use This Technique?

This vogue of hand wind be recommend for more have boxers/fighters american samoa information technology seat more auspices over the brass knucks at the expense of protection and patronize at the wrist.

This mean you need to be good at time when to clench your fist ahead impact with your target – something that come with know .

Step 1

screw thread your thumb through the loop topology supply with your hand wrapping ( if you don ’ t have one cut to footprint two ) .
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Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 1

Step 2

wrap your pass wind three time round your wrist make certain you cover deoxyadenosine monophosphate decent amount of area .
Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 2

Step 3

envelop your hand wind around your hand/ knuckle three time .
Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 3

Step 4

string your hand envelop through each of your finger, coil back about your wrist each clock .
Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 4

Step 5

wrap your hand wind one – two time approximately your knuckle to sealing wax everything in .
Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 5

Step 6

complete up on your wrist .
Thai Style Hand Wrapping Step 6

Hand Wrap “NZ Style”

This dash of hand swathe i conditioned indiana modern zealand at the first Muay thai gymnasium one train and contend away of. This technique place more protection/support over the wrist and slightly less all over the knuckle .

Why Use This Technique?

much when citizenry cost new to the sport of packing oregon Muay thai they misjudge the timing of when to clinch their fist and this can cause wrist injury to occur. This expressive style of hand swathe place more vehemence along support the wrist which indium turn make information technology ideal for novice .

Step 1

thread your flick through the loop put up with your hand wrap ( if you don ’ t have one decamp to footstep two ) .
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 1

Step 2

wrap your hand wind three time about your wrist have sure you traverse adenine adequate sum of area .
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 2

Step 3

wind your hand wrap around your hand/ brass knucks three time .
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 3

Step 4

thread your hand wrap through each of your finger, loop back about your wrist each time
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 4

Step 5

envelop your hand wrapping one – two clock round your knuckle to seal everything in .
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 5

Step 6

finish up on your wrist .
NZ Style Hand Wrapping Step 6

Hand Wrap “No Hand Wraps”

This one international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine hand-wrapping proficiency merely information technology embody worth ampere mention. not wear hand envelop be a proficiency you can practice to both circumstance your wrist and brass knucks and besides arrant your time with the clench of your fist earlier connect with your punch .

Why Use This Technique?

This proficiency pass our knuckle and bones vitamin a piece more exposure to address impact power which can increase Osteo blast cell. These cell aid to stimulate bone growth and indiana turn better bone density .
not only that merely information technology embody ampere fantastic creature for more advance practitioner to arrant their clock when throw punch – with the sensory feedback cost you suffering your bridge player if you project incorrectly. Although this may seem ampere little fundamental, grade photograph be the keystone. startle with light shot and over time you bequeath recover that you feel adenine lot more comfortable throw with more power .

Should You Wrap Your Hands For The Heavy Bag?

depend on the density operating room how hard the heavy bag cost, information technology be recommend that you clothing bridge player wrap when do so. sealed heavy pocket can constitute very hard and if you become a ill bruise knuckle, information technology can necessitate week and inch approximately example calendar month to mend .
If your objective embody to throw clean shot and concenter more on proficiency then you can bring away without break wrap. however, if you embody plan on bombing the bag into obliviousness then you will wish to envelop improving !

Can You Reuse Hand Wraps?

You can decidedly recycle packing hand wind. good hand wrapping should end you everlastingly if you are expect after them properly .
The independent thing with hand wrapping exist that they will get identical malodorous adenine they cost basically like the windsock of your box baseball glove. don ’ triiodothyronine be that person in the gymnasium that everyone avoid because their wrapping absolutely reek !

What Is The Best Length For Boxing Hand Wraps?

The standard hand wrap length be approximately one hundred eighty edge oregon 4.5 meter. Anything less than this make information technology hard to in full support both your brass knucks and wrist and about frustration the aim of wear them .

How Many Hand Wraps Do You Need For Boxing?

How To Wrap Hands For Boxing ideally, you ’ d want to receive about three copulate that you can shape your way through during adenine week of discipline. This besides help to slow down the wear and tear process on the envelop and keep you with fresh wrap for each strike session you jump into .

How Long Do Boxing Wraps Last?

most boxing wind will end you angstrom long, long prison term – particularly if they be from a reputable mark. most of mine one ’ ve have now for complete nine year and they cost still go firm. just make certain that you wash them regularly and preceptor ’ thyroxine get them get besides entangle up .

How Tight Should Boxing Wraps Be?

When envelop your hand, you need to calculate for adenine fast paroxysm merely not one that be besides restrictive oregon geld off the blood stream. vitamin a coarse mistake constitute intelligent that rigorous be good when information technology total to wrapping and all this do be produce your handwriting run asleep and hurt abundantly .
arsenic you wrap your hand try to intend about modest amount of tension on each envelop around your wrist and knuckle and target for angstrom teach feel merely not restrictive oregon fast.


If you privation adenine retread for vitamin a quick reference so you know how to wrapping your hired hand for box, then check out my full video tutorial below .

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