Block Wars

Win genesis blocks

Enter the Block Wars Raffle to win awesome prizes!

Fulfil these requirements:

1. Invite 5 people to our Telegram or to our Discord

2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet about us (include @BlockWarsLive and

3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Then register yourself hereso we can verify and make you part of the raffle


1 user will win 1 genesis block worth 100 finney and 10 finney in battle points

3 users will win 1 genesis block worth 20 finney and 5 finney in battle points

5 users will win 1 genesis block worth 10 finney and 2 finney in battle points

* 1 finney = 0.001 ETH

We will draw the winners for the first week on May 14th

Good luck!

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