How to Install Bifold Doors?

You have finally decided to kick those annoying bypass wardrobe doors to the curb and have sprung for some post new bifold doors .
You have been SO looking fore to doors that don ’ t fall off their tracks that you forgot to look up how to install your bifold ! Don ’ metric ton concern, we ’ ve got your spinal column. This step by step scout will walk you through that easy blowy bifold install .
Bifold doors are not just for closets ! Check out our blog about the many uses of bifold doors !


  1. Drill
  2. Drill Bits
  3. Hacksaw
  4. malleus
  5. level
  6. Putty Knife
  7. Wood filler
  8. Sawhorses
  9. videotape standard
  10. safety Glasses ( for sawing )
  11. Paintbrush ( optional )
  12. rouge bucket ( optional )
  13. Putty tongue

1 Removing the Old Doors

Remove the old doors and hardware. Make a plan for your old doors ; will you upcycle them or donate them to the Restore ?

Using wood filler and a putty knife, patch any holes in the door frame. Use a little key to cover up the filling .

2 Measuring Twice!

It ’ second always a commodity idea to measure your stick out a couple of times before making any permanent wave changes, like cutting or drill .
measure the water closet open to make indisputable your new doors are the right property before facility. Hopefully you did this before buying newly bifold doors !
Mark the center of the wardrobe doorway jamb to help put the doors. Use a level to mark clean lines on the sides of the jamb .

3 Installing Hardware

Using a hacksaw, cut the track to leave a 1/16 edge gap on either goal of the closet. Remember to wear your safety glasses when cutting alloy !
Locate the kernel of your door jamb and the center of the track before installing. Make certain the pivot brackets are installed toward the jamb .
following, center the jamb bracket on the floor. After measuring doubly, fasten the bracket with screws .

4 Preparing the Doors

If you plan to paint your bifold doors, do sol earlier installing the hardware. Make surely the doorway is dry before moving onto the adjacent step !
Install the doors, one at a clock time, by inserting the top pivot into the brackets. Use a hammer to gently tap them into place. then, seat the bed pivots .
Insert the snug steer into the track. The snug goes on the opposite side of pivot up in the top track. It ’ sulfur job is to keep pressure on the doors to help them stay close .
Squeeze the template pivot on the top of the door, military position it under the track, release it and make certain the steer pivot is securely in the track .

5 Adjusting the Doors

Take a step binding to check the bifold door alignment. Make certain the doors don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rub on the floor or touch the header jamb. To adjust the altitude, lift the door and rotate the bottom pivot.

If you need to make it plumb, lift the doorway and adjust its military position in the jamb bracket. Loosen the screw in the crown pivot bracket and slide it until the doorway is plumb bob. Tighten once you have found the sweet smudge .

6 Install Door Hardware

The best part of installing your own hardware is customizing where the handles ( pulls ) will go. Find a comfortable stature and mark the localization. once you have found the center field, set it on the inside of the door and use a screw to secure the pull in position .
Open and stopping point the doors a match of times to make sure everything is satisfactory and enjoy your new bifold doors !

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