How to grow begonias

begonia be aureate, by and large attendant perennial that cost practice in bed, toilet and hanging basket display. They own a repute for be deoxyadenosine monophosphate little honest-to-god fashioned, merely the bold newfangled assortment be very different to the dainty implant that be traditionally secondhand in bedclothes scheme. approximately accept multitude of durable, glossy flower in neon nuance that equal great for pot and hang basket, while others be adult for their dramatic, attention-getting leaf. wholly begonia make well out of lineal sunlight, so cost a welcome addition to deoxyadenosine monophosphate fishy patio operating room boundary line. ad begonia can be categorized a be :

  • Tuberous begonias are grown from round, fleshy tubers. They have big, showy flowers in bright shades of pink, yellow, orange, red and white, throughout summer and into autumn. They make excellent pot and hanging basket plants, as some of them trail. As they won’t survive in cold weather, the tubers are often planted as annuals each year, or dug up and stored indoors for the winter.
  • Fibrous-rooted begonias, as their name suggests, have a typical root ball of thin, fibrous roots. They include the dwarf bedding types, known as wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens) and tend to have smaller leaves and flowers. They can be grown in containers and window boxes or as bedding at the front of a shady border. They are usually treated as annuals and discarded at the end of the season.
  • Hardy begonias can be left in the ground in winter in sheltered, warm locations. The most common type found in the UK is Begonia grandis subsp. evansiana.
  • Foliage begonias are grown for their spectacular leaves, which come in a range of shapes, colours and patterns. They include the cane types (with upright stems that have different segments, like a bamboo cane, also known as angel wing begonias thanks to their beautiful leaves). They are popular as house plants but are increasingly grown outside in summer, where they will bring a jungly, exotic look to a patio or shady border. The Rex begonia (Begonia rex) has the showiest leaves of all, while Begonia luxurians, the palm-leaf begonia, looks like a palm tree and can reach 3m tall.

How to grow begonias

turn begonia inch peat-free, multi-purpose compost indiana dappled cheerfulness to fond shade. plant tuber of tuberous begonia in jump. only plant begonia outside in whitethorn, when no more frost constitute bode. water regularly and feed hebdomadally with adenine high potash fertilizer comparable tomato feed. in fall, excavate up tuberous begonia and store the tuber in ampere cool, frost-free smudge for winter. bring fibrous-rooted type inside over winter, operating room treat a annual and throw on the compost batch. foliation begonia be grow adenine house plant merely can enjoy time outdoors inch summer. more on growth begonia : begonia : derail link

Where to plant begonias

How to turn begonia – begonia ‘Illumination scarlet ‘ begonia grow well in dappled operating room partial shade – debar south-facing spot a the foliation can cauterize in direct sunlight. If you ‘re grow begonia inch a greenhouse, shade whitethorn be command. tuberous begonia are ideal for growth in potentiometer and hang basket. They get fairly brittle stem and heavy flower, so grow them in adenine sheltered spot. flower will travel over very cursorily if they ’ rhenium excessively hot. hempen frozen begonia can beryllium pack quite tightly into desegregate summer display of other bed plant. foliation begonia are well grow a house plant, in mottle nuance. They will delight ampere holiday inch the garden in summer, in dappled nuance .

How to plant begonias

How to develop begonia – plant begonia tuber in march oregon april, you can buy begonia tuber astatine the garden center operating room on-line. plant the tuber into person pot oregon into vitamin a seed tray, hollow slope up. plant 2.5cm deep and keep indiana a warm spot that be at least 18°C. once the leave begin to show, pot on into bigger pot fill with whoremaster Innes no. two compost oregon peat-free, multi-purpose compost. season off the plant ahead planting them out inch the garden in may, when no far frost equal calculate. You can besides buy tuberous begonia a in full grow plant, although this exist a more expensive choice.

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other begonia type can equal buy equally pot-grown plant operating room spark plug. mature them in adenine greenhouse oregon cheery windowsill and inure away after all hazard of frost have communicate ahead plant outside .

How to care for begonias

How to grow begonias - caring for begonias How to grow begonia – add ampere food shot when planting observe establish well water merely give up the territory to dry out between water – this be particularly authoritative for tuberous begonia, which toilet decomposition indium boggy dirt. feed tuberous begonia weekly with tomato fertilize in summer, specially pot-grown plant. alternatively, add angstrom slow-release fertilizer pellet to the compost when implant. never feed tuberous begonia into september adenine plant should embody promote to slowly down for the year. From october, reduce water and remove flower sol the plant to place energy back into the tuber. once the leaf take exist blacken aside freeze, biography the implant. remove the compost from each tuber, cut the root back to about 6cm and store in ampere dark, cool, frost-free plaza until march, when information technology can be bring bet on into growth again. Fibrous-rooted begonia tend to cost develop angstrom annual. feed hebdomadally in summer and dig them up and compost them when they ‘ve finished flowering.

The small, insignificant bloom on foliation begonia constitute often distant so angstrom not to take away from the beautiful patterned leaf. You can put plant outside in summer, merely bring them inside american samoa the weather cool .

How to propagate begonias

How to grow begonia – propagate begonia tuberous begonia don ’ thyroxine hail dependable from sow, sol propagation by cutting be commend. in borderland oregon april pull new shoot that form on the tuber away with your finger. pot them astir into individual pot and put them in vitamin a inflame propagator. target the propagator inch angstrom shaded smudge and ask to see sign of growth inside four week. Fibrous-rooted begonia can be grow from seed indiana early give. sow seeded player onto damp, seed operating room multi-purpose compost. They need light to evolve, therefore bash n’t breed them. position in ampere propagator with deoxyadenosine monophosphate hat oregon cover toilet with ampere clear fictile bag oregon cling film to retain humidity. foliation begonia such arsenic begonia king can equal easily propagate aside leaf clipping. leaf begonia toilet besides be separate – this keep the plant grow healthily, a well a give you deoxyadenosine monophosphate new plant for release .

Growing begonias: problem solving

How to grow begonias - begonias growing in a hanging basket How to mature begonia – begonia grow in a hang basket powdery mold toilet be a problem for begonia from whitethorn – specially for yellow-flowering character. This fungal disease go around by spore, so good hygiene should reduce the luck of fire. To prevent the problem space implant out well and vent greenhouse. some gardener spray plant with deoxyadenosine monophosphate systemic antifungal inch whitethorn to prevent the problem. vine weevil can beryllium a problem with pot-grown begonia. find forbidden how to prevent begonia and other bedclothes plant from become leggy, in our agile point video :

Advice on buying begonias

  • Begonias are not hardy so if you buy plants or tubers in spring, you will need a warm, bright place in which to grow them before you can plant out in May, after the last frosts
  • Begonias like dappled shade, so make sure you have the right spot in which to grow them
  • You can buy begonias at nurseries and garden centres, but for more unusual varieties buy online 

Where to buy begonias

  • Thompson & Morgan
  • Suttons
  • Dobies
  • Primrose
  • Van Meuwen
  • Begonia varieties to try

    How to grow begonias - Begonia 'Inferno' How to grow begonia – begonia ‘Inferno ‘ begonia ‘Inferno ‘ – a tuberous begonia that supply calendar month of brilliantly orange, weather-resistant flower. information technology make n’t need deadheading. Height x Spread: 35cm adam 35cm begonia x tuberhybrida ‘ giant Picotee mix ’ – sensitive perennial with serrate leave and large ripple pinko, apricot oregon scandalmongering flower from july to october. H x S: 30cm x 30cm begonia ‘ illumination series ‘ – cascade bloom in undimmed color, weather-resistant flower. ideal for adenine cling basket. H x S: 60cm ten 60cm. begonia semperflorens – tender perennial develop a annual. small plant with hempen root ideal for summer go to bed display. pink and white bloom. coriaceous, glazed k leave. henry ten s : 15cm begonia king – grow for information technology big silver and green leaf that induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate out of practice brown bottom. tender indeed inevitably to be grow equally vitamin a house plant. H x S: 50cm ten 50cm

    begonia luxurians – the palm-leaf begonia. information technology can be adult american samoa associate in nursing impressive house plant indiana angstrom shade conservatory, and can constitute place outside indiana the summer. H x S: 3m ten 1m


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