6 Easy Hacks to Clean Your Beautyblender

behold : every complexion ‘s best ally, the Beautyblender. The tear form in a signature blistering pinko is a must-have for constitution artists and cosmetics amateurs alike across the world, and for good argue. The leech is soft and bouncy, perfect for getting that flawless finish we all want, and the singular condition contours to your expression so no spot goes uncover. It works with everything from foundation and concealer to skincare products, constantly delivering a seamless look that makes your clamber appear naturally placid. With so many uses and such bang-up results, it ‘s condom to say that the Beautyblender rotation is placid going potent after all these years—and we ‘re not sad about it .

But with time and use semen dirt and anoint, left behind by every application with the trusty fiddling sponge. We ‘re well aware of the repugnance stories that have come out of an unkempt Beautyblender—mold, for one ! —so we are careful to treat it with regard. thankfully, there are many ways of keeping it clean, ranging from the Beautyblender brand cleansers to some more bizarre tricks. We reached out to Kelli J. Bartlett, makeup artist and VP of Education & Experience at Ever/Body, for her best topple when it comes to cleaning our darling tool.

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how to clean a beautyblender
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1. Wash your sponge immediately

” Wash them immediately ! ” says Bartlett, as this is the first and first way that you can keep your Beautyblender in top human body. The less time product stays on the quick study, the better. “ Do n’t let them sit with products for excessively retentive, or they will stain. ”

2. Use Beautyblender brand cleansers

The Beautyblender creators made two cleansers specific to their cult-favorite product in order to encourage users to keep up with washing the sponge. There ‘s the Liquid Blendercleanser ( $ 18 ), which works fair like any other—wet the sponge, pour some on, and gently massage until the urine runs clean and your Beautyblender is restored to its vibrant glow. If the stains are stubborn, Bartlett recommends allowing the soap to sit with the leech for a few minutes to loosen it. Or even more popular is the Blendercleanser Solid ( $ 16 ), which allows you to simply rub a wet Beautyblender immediately onto the bar. Both are ace effective, and are much recommended as one of the best cleansers for constitution brushes, besides .


Liquid Blendercleanser



Beautyblender ‘s liquid cleansing agent option features a soy-based formula that ‘s a commodity for your leech as it is for the environment. It ‘s herculean enough to eradicate annoying stains but gentle enough to ensure that your Beautyblender will last for months and months .


Blendercleanser Solid



The solid Blendercleanser, handily housed in a little compress, is a mess-free option when it comes to cleaning your sponge. The bar form makes cleansing flying and easy, so there ‘s no reason why your sponge should go unwashed .

3. Or a more budget-friendly option

The downside of the Beautyblender brand cleansers, however, is the price. If you ‘re washing your Beautyblender every day ( which, ideally, you should be ! ), this might not be the most cost-efficient choice. thankfully, using your font wash can provide a similar impression. This is super convenient, particularly if you use the like one you already own, and can be a much cheaper choice if you merely grab a generic brand at the drugstore .

There ‘s a rationality the Beautyblender solid cleansing agent is so popular : It ‘s easy, and it works. Make this a more budget-friendly choice by using any bar of soap—one drugstore favorite is Dove ‘s Beauty Bar ( $ 10 ) since it ‘s cheap and effective. Rub a besotted Beautyblender mooch onto the legal profession, and watch stains disappear .

In a touch, Bartlett likes to use Palmolive dish soap to cleanse her Beautyblender. “ It breaks down oil and dirt, sanitizes, and is n’t besides harsh on the sponge due to the conditioners [ it contains ] for hands, ” she says. We specially like this magic trick because it ‘s convenient, as it entirely requires a product that you probably already own .


Beauty Bar



4. Cut it in half

Go ahead—grab those scissors. It might seem painful to cut up your trusty Beautyblender, but we promise that it ‘ll wholly be worth it when you see wholly fresh, untouched surfaces to work with. Of run, this should be used as a last haunt, since you ‘ll still want to be cleaning merchandise off the come on of the mooch after every use .

5. Try a double-cleanse

If you ‘ve ever tried double-cleansing for your expression, you decidedly know how bracing pairing an oil-based cleansing agent with a water-based cleansing agent can be .

Soak your Beautyblender in anoint to loosen up leftover makeup and unwanted stains, then rinse and follow with a foaming cleansing agent to get rid of residue.

6. Pack it correctly

Storing the sponge correctly can be a make-or-break factor in the life of your Beautyblender. Always let it dry wholly after use in an exposed space, never in a fictile bag, as this may help prevent mold from forming. And Bartlett recommends shying away from any colored bags when packing it up besides. The colors might transfer and stain the joyride .

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