Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Game Design

UTAR Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Game Design aims to equip students with a multi-disciplinary approach towards the field of Game Art and Design. In addition to applying the fundamental principles in conceptualising game design projects, UTAR students will be provided with the practical experience and technical expertise to manage those projects through all the key stages from the beginning until the completion of game production.  

To enhance their insights on the field of game design, the programme also includes a historical component which provides a more astute understanding of the development of this field, from its inception to the rapidly expanding global industry that it is today. 

This game design programme comes with electives in advertising and marketing so that our students will know how to market and promote their game creation to local and international markets.  

At UTAR, we always encourage our students to work and learn in a team. This will help to develop students’ interpersonal skills, positive group dynamics and effective communication traits. All these will greatly enhance their ability to meet the necessary industry demands on desirable work ethics, effective social skills and collaborative professionalism. 

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