BA (Hons) Game Arts and Design

Master more advanced 3D modelling and game programming techniques, and hone your level design skills. Learn about working in the creative industries from visiting speakers, and work with Illustration students to further develop your drawing skills.

Core modules

Design (GAD551)

module focuses on designing virtual environments and game levels. Students will
consider the ludic and narrative role of level design and apply these to the
production of an interactive game environment. Students will be presented with
a variety of theoretical frameworks that will help them better understand human
cognitive processes and thus aid them in designing and creating more engaging
game levels.

Industries (DAT552)

module offers a comprehensive analysis of the contemporary creative industries.
It explores the dynamic changes in key sectors that are brought about by the
impact of new media technologies, quantified by a written response to the given
context. Students will also in this module engage through a group research and
development project to provide a speculative but achievable solution to a
brief. Where possible this will be a live client.

Development (GAD553)

module builds on the game development skills learned to this point and applies
them to working with a range of different game genres. Students work as
individuals or small teams to propose and develop an interactive experience,
creating a reflective design journal on the development process. To accompany this,
students will research and explore a chosen role within the games industry.

Challenge: Virtuality & Immersion (DAT554)

This module provides a firm introduction to virtuality and
immersion – augmented reality, virtual reality, and dome environments. During
this module, students explore and utilize a range of immersive technologies and
design practices on subjects such as scientific simulation, virtual heritage,
architectural visualization, and more. Techniques like 3D capture and
photogrammetry are also introduced, and a range of resources are provided, such
as AR and VR headsets, for developing complete immersive solutions, applications,
and artworks. The module is optional, and it is recommended for students that
are interested in pursuing specialization on immersive media.

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