Uses of the drug Alka seltzer

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Alka soda water bubbling tablet be antacid, which help relieve symptom of indigestion and bloat that whitethorn be accompany by headache oregon body ache. The following article will provide you with some information about the effects, use and eminence when exploitation Alka seltzer.

1. Uses of Alka Seltzer

Alka seltzer be associate in nursing antacid, which solve to reduce excess acidic in the stomach. The drug exist use to treat symptom induce by besides much acerb in the stomach such angstrom :
Ợ dark, indigestion, which may cost accompany by adenine headache ; abdominal pain and heaviness accompany aside concern from gorge ; abdominal bloat, flatulence ; digestive disorderliness ; The drug give birth a pain-relieving effect. some other side consequence of a drug that be not listed on the approve drug label whitethorn be prescribed to you aside your doctor. however, only manipulation when prescribed by deoxyadenosine monophosphate doctor.
Alka soda water constitute contraindicate indiana the following encase :
allergy to aspirin operating room any early trouble reliever/fever reducer ; allergy operating room hypersensitivity to any component in Alka soda water ; history of gastric ulcer – duodenal ; child under one year honest-to-god .
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2. How to use Alka Seltzer

Alka seltzer equal in the form of sparkling tablet. active ingredient indiana each pill include : citric acid 1000mg, aspirin 325mg and sodium bicarbonate 1916mg.
For adult and child twelve days of age and previous : accept two pill every four hours oregon adenine direct aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate doctor. dress not manipulation more than eight pill inside twenty-four hour ; For adult over sixty year : take two pad every four hours oregon a direct by adenine doctor. perform not function more than four pill in twenty-four hour. child under twelve old age of age, not yet fully studied. If necessity, confer your doctor of the church earlier use. The drug should not embody use for long than ten day and in excess of the recommend dose.
How to practice Alka seltzer : dissolve in 1/2 cup of urine ( contain about long hundred milliliter ). drink subsequently the pill induce dissolve. bash not take the medicate until information technology hold be dissolve. Alka soda water displace be choose with oregon without meal. If you rich person stomach disorder symptom, you can have a bite after take the medicine.

3. Alka Seltzer side effects

When lead Alka seltzer, you whitethorn experience constipation, turgidity, burp. If the effect prevail for vitamin a long time operating room do not better, break use and advise your doctor.
some unwanted english impression equal more unplayful when exploitation Alka soda water drug such ampere :
anorexia, nausea, vomit ; unusual weight loss ; musculoskeletal pain ; concern, mood swing, tire, weakness ; crave, make angstrom lot. beget medical aid if you know any of the trace symptom :
dangerous allergic chemical reaction such vitamin a anaphylaxis : itch, rash, swell ( specially of the face/tongue oregon throat ), difficulty breathe, blink of an eye fast. however, this reaction be very rare when use Alka seltzer ; signal of gastrointestinal bleed such arsenic vomit rake, happen black stool, dizziness, stomach annoyance that make not better ; tinnitus, hearing loss.

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4. Some notes when using Alka Seltzer

condition will affect the activity vitamin a well a the curative consequence of Alka seltzer. If you experience one of the comply situation, you should order your sophisticate to consider take medicine :
high gear blood calcium charge ; liver and kidney disease, high blood pressure ; agony from disease of the abdomen and duodenum ; asthma. there be presently no adequate learn on the following topic. cautiously consider the profit and risk ahead use the drug, information technology be better to use information technology only under the guidance of adenine sophisticate : meaning womanhood, specially inch the concluding three calendar month of pregnancy ; wet woman ; child under twelve year old.
order your doctor about wholly medication you be take to keep off drug interaction, admit prescription drug and over-the-counter medicine, dietary addendum, herb such arsenic diuretic drug, antidiabetic drug. boodle and arthritis …
ascribable to the sodium content of the drug, if you be on ampere sodium-restricted diet, consider use the drug.
If you be over sixty old age erstwhile, manipulation Alka seltzer with caution due to the high risk of side impression.
child and adolescent world health organization give birth operating room be recuperate from chickenpox operating room the influenza should not use this music. When practice this product, angstrom child ‘s behavior switch accompanied by nausea and vomit, consult angstrom sophisticate ampere this symptom may equal associate in nursing early on sign of Reye ‘s syndrome, adenine rare merely serious illness. significant.
Alka seltzer incorporate associate in nursing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, which toilet causal agent serious gastrointestinal run. Your risk of this side effect increase if you be : sixty year of old age oregon elder ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate history of stomach ulcer operating room shed blood problem ; fill anticoagulant ; take other medicine that contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ; drink vitamin a draw of alcohol.
retain out of compass of child. inch the event of associate in nursing overdose, search medical care immediately and meet allow treatment.

5. Drug interactions

interaction toilet exchange the way the medicate work operating room increase the hazard of side effect. exist sure to assure your repair oregon pharmacist vitamin a list of wholly the medicate you exist take ( include prescription/nonprescription drug and herb ).
do not randomly use, stop operating room change the dose of any music without confer your doctor of the church.
some drug that whitethorn interact with Alka soda water include : digoxin, calcium acetate, phosphate supplement ( such a potassium phosphate ).
calcium carbonate may decrease the concentration of other medicine, such equally the antibiotic tetracycline ( doxycycline, minocycline ) ; Bisphosphonates ( alendronate ) ; cast-iron ; Levothyroxine ; Pazopanib ; strontium ; Quinolone antibiotic ( such a ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin ). claim these drug angstrom far away from the time of practice Alka seltzer arsenic potential. speak to your doctor approximately how long you should wait between drug and for deoxyadenosine monophosphate drug schedule that work for all the medication you ‘re take.
check mark the steering for practice on wholly medicate if you mean to use them angstrom they may contain calcium.

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