Stony Brook University Game Programming Competition


To Zhen Yi Pan, Tian-Xin Brown, and Brant Eckert for winning the 17th Annual Stony Brook University Game Programming Competition with their game “Twin”. The event was held on the evening of Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 and was hosted by the Stony Brook Game Developers. A complete recording of the event broadcast is available along with trailers for all games on our YouTube channel.

Event details are below, including links to playable versions of all 11 finalists as well as the full list of our alumni judges. Many of our judges were once finalists in this very competition and you are encouraged to browse the site and play the games and view the full history of the event. In addition you are encouraged to visit our YouTube Channel to view game trailers for this year’s finalists as well as those from the past.

We hope to see you again next year when we hope to do a hybrid online/live event. All are welcome to attend.

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