Infinite Crisis

I’ve played a few moba’s over the years and never really got into the genre too much, Dota2, LoL and one other I don’t even remember, for the

I’ve played a few moba’s over the years and never really got into the genre too much, Dota2, LoL and one other I don’t even remember, for the first time I found a moba that kept my interest and I’m not even a comic book fanboy, I was never introduced to that as a kid, so now here I am 32 years old with kids and I see this game was just released on steam, my initial reaction was eh another moba I bet will bore the pants off of me, boy was I mistaken, the champions are engaging and interesting, each is different from the other, each champion you get to lvl 5 unlocks their special power which then can be used on any champion, these powers range from traps, cameras, meteor strikes, slowing effects etc… there’s your normal moba stuff with special things to kill like raiders and doomsday bot which if your team kills lets you pick a doomsday device which can be used to devastate the enemy team’s players or a tower, the doomsday device can also lead to some great fights between the teams, but again this is stuff most moba’s have, for me what makes a difference is the Champs, it’s fun to run around as superman or the recently released Lex Luthor. I don’t feel like any one character feels like another, some may take more work to get used to but they are all fun to play, I can’t say there’s one out of the 30+ champs they have that I would never play.

The voice actors are great also, Kelly Hu does katana, Nolan North does some, Adam Baldwin does GL, and the banter between champs can be pretty amusing also, they will say friendly things and other times they will rip on each other some, it’s really pretty funny and just adds a little more to the game imo. All Champs can be unlocked through ingame currency and yes doing it that way will take some time but that is the price of most free games or you can buy crisis coins to unlock them, costumes can be bought with crisis coins which generally is something you would have to buy, you get daily rewards and you can see what rewards are coming up over the next few days if you log in each day, even if you don’t actually play a game you can still get your daily reward, those rewards are generally merit but after about 7 or so days of logging in continuously you get 50 crisis coins and 250 merit.

Then there’s the mods and augs which you can use to make specific kits for Champs which boost things like power damage, attack damage, penetration, CDR etc….

Right now it’s mostly just one map that’s open for random ques but you can create custom teams for the other two maps, most of us believe the reason they haven’t just opened them fully yet is due to que times but in time I expect they will open too for random ques. Speaking of que times, I haven’t had any issues with that either, maybe a few mins for a pvp game, ai games maybe 30 sec’s to a min.

There’s games you can play against AI for practice or learning a new Champ or just because you don’t feel like putting in much effort, unfortunately there’s no difficutly level for the AI games so you will face some pretty dense AI champs but the games isn’t about fighting AI it’s about pvp, ah good old pvp, well ranked pvp will be out very soon but until then you can just play regular pvp matches, they say the 8th of May for ranked. Now you might ask how often do they release new content, good question, while I’ve only been playing since the steam release so far it’s looks like a new champ every month and a few new costumes each month, they have weekly sales on Champs and costumes, as well as a weekly rotation of free Champs you can check out.

Yes there are a few glitches but nothing game breaking and nothing they aren’t working on fixing, the people that make and develop this game are clearly passionate about it, they had a 12 hour live stream to mark the release on steam and that was pretty cool to watch on Twitch. Like many mainstream moba’s they have tourney’s and e-sports etc…

Best part is you can try the game for free, just if you are going to write a review at least give the game a fair shot first, and to those that will say it’s just a rip off of dota2 or LoL well no kidding an moba that is somewhat like another moba what a surprise lol, but there’s enough that set’s it apart for me and is keeping my interest, it’s already become my most played game in steam if that’s says anything and I have close to 180 games on my steam account.

Give it a shot, even if you don’t really like moba’s too much you may be surprised.


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