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Imagine: Fashion Designer New York is a Single and Multiplayer Fashion Simulation created and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS. The game offers an opportunity to you to become a fashion designer and show off your creativity to impress your fellows. There are four different design studios available such as Lechic, Urban Wares, Trash, and Eco, select one of them to get into the game world. Choose your virtual character and customize it using different accessories like glasses, clothes, shoes, pants, and more. After clothing, you must make over your character, in which you have to select her hair style, eyeshade, lenses, glasses, and more. There are several levels, and each level needs a completion of individual objectives to progress. The game features hint system that can be used during any difficulty. Unleash your creativity, select the best accessories, tops, bottoms, and shoes for your virtual characters and perform in different shows to win rewards. Imagine: Fashion Designer New York offers prominent features such as lots of Dresses, a set of Accessories, different Characters, and more. Imagine: Fashion Designer New York is the best game to play and enjoy for fashion designer games lovers.

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