34 Trending Mobile Game Development Ideas To Check-in 2021.

Our new best mates are mobile games. They assist us with everything, and we make extensive use of them from morning to night. We communicate using applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat. For entertainment, we use platforms like candy-crush, puzzle games, word games, ludo king, and many more. 

California’s Silicon Valley community is legitimately becoming the Holy Land for computer geeks and entrepreneurs alike. Silicon Valley has been the destination for beginners and startups for many decades from Apple to Airbnb. The planet, though, is changing in the blink of an eye in this Internet age.

So, we’re overwhelmed by games, and they’re a big part of our lives. There’s no reason to be concerned since they’re both useful and enjoyable.

Every year has been full of surprises since mobile games first reached our lives when new mobile game development methods and innovations evolved that no one could have predicted. The appetite for android and iPhone has exploded, attracting a slew of newcomers to the field.

This situation has allowed developers to make a lot of money while still allowing consumers to profit from the applications. In a nutshell, it’s a win-win scenario. For both game and app developers, the year 2021 seems to be more exciting and light.

34 Trending Mobile Game Ideas

Card Mobile Game Ideas

1. Poker

A cell phone poker game app would provide you with the best casino experience. Digital casino fixed coins and deals are available in poker games. Creating a poker game is a fantastic way to gain notoriety. Give appealing discounts, joining perks, and more to set the app apart.

2. Rummy

Nowadays, many people enjoy playing rummy online with virtual coins. When you choose a new game, you will have the opportunity to cater to the whole room. People’s favourite board game has always been rummy. You could create a game like this to allow certain people to play the game virtually.

3. Cribbage

Cribbage is a common card game that can be played with four or more players. Let the app stand out by using separate hand counting for the dealer, an outstanding scoring scheme, and other features.

4. Blackjack

It is the most popular real-time card game, as well as in the gaming app. You’ll be able to build new rooms to play in. It’s a difficult card game with one or two teams and a dealer, in which the former competes against the latter.

Board Mobile Game Ideas

5. Ludo

Many people are loved, and in families all around the world, they have acquired a cult reputation. The ludo cell phone is very user-friendly and offers fantastic deals. Ludo is certainly famous all over the world. The Ludo Gaming app can be developed with the ability to enter through social accounts. The feature will help players to play with family and friends. The app will attract many people’s interest.

6. Snake and ladders

It is also a popular and well-liked board game among family members. You can play the game online with a member of your family.

7. Carrom

Develop a carrom game app with a simple GUI and straightforward instructions to assist players in quickly grasping the game rules. You can incorporate 3D holographic touch features into the app to make it more exclusive.

Contact a reputable smartphone game development firm or recruit game developers to help you bring these concepts to life. You may either go to a freelancing website or communicate with a smartphone app provider that provides those services in the latter case.

8. Chess

Developing Android and iPhone Chess games will help you get a greater understanding of statistical moves and strategies for winning. The app will provide you with hints to help you make the best move possible. develop a chess smartphone game app and you’ll have a chance to capture the hearts of the masses.

To make the app everyone’s favorite, add different levels so that both a novice and a professional can play the game. Not to mention, provide specific guidance to help players understand the game’s rules.

Fantasy Sports Mobile Game Idea

9. Cricket

Cricket is a chance sport. A game’s result is determined by a number of independent considerations, including the toss, pitch/weather conditions, among several others. Create an app that serves as a perfect forum, program, or guide for both bookmakers and bettors. 

One such app is Dream11, and there is certainly demand for more. Gaming apps and platforms are fantastic systems that simulate real-world cricket. It has squadmates, an opposition team, a scoreboard, and other features used in actual cricket.

10. Soccer/Football

Soccer is the most common and widely followed sport on the planet. You could develop an app that illustrates real-time odds on various games and links tipsters and bettors. An app that allows users to play simulated football is sure to catch the public’s eye.

11. Golf

There are also many options for golf. You can create an interface that analyzes winds, player types, and several other items. You can generate odds and allow friends to download and share the application based on the data. Golf is one of the most popular mobile phone games for many. Golf is available on many smartphones.

Racing Mobile Game Ideas

12. Car/Bike racing

Adults and children alike are drawn to games such as auto or motorcycle racing. You can install challenging circuits or include a variety of cars for users to race and compete with other players and set the game apart from those currently available on the App Stores and Google PlayStores. 

13. Animal Racing

Horse racing and betting go along. Make an application that lists the different bookmakers and also supplies details such as winning odds, favorite horses, etc. Playing fun can be a fun animal (dogs, cats, tigers, ostrich, or any animal). Users will pick the animal they choose for the races.

14. Swimming

A swimming race game that tapes this opportunity can now draw users and downloads of virtual reality support in smartphones. You can distinguish from others the swimming-game app. This app certainly will draw people into the App Store or PlayStore and will get a million of downloads.

Children’s Mobile Game Idea

15. Character game 

Characters like Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc. are the favourites of all. You should plan to create a character game app and assign tasks and abilities to them.

16. Counting game

A counting game application can assist children with learning to count in a fun and immersive manner. Such an app has the potential to be very popular.

17. Alphabets game

Creating an alphabets gaming app for kids entails turning their home into a virtual play school. You may use appealing illustrations to help children understand alphabets, letters, numbers, rhymes, and other concepts quickly.

18. Piloting an aeroplane

Create an aeroplane-driving video game to allow kids to see what it’s like to be a pilot. Yes, it has the potential to be a huge success. Provide them with simple audio prompts so they can play the game well with their little hands.

19. Driving a train

To make your train-driving app stand out, have a variety of trains for kids to pick from (metro trains, subway trains, diesel trains, and so on). It’s a fantastic concept for a gaming app.

Educational Game Idea

20. Maths Challenges

You should create an app that will help users learn basic math principles and theorems in a fun way. If you’re thinking of making a math game, make it multi-leveled so that it’s appropriate for teenagers, teens, and adults.

21. Physics games

The app’s scope for combining physics ideas with real-world characters in an exciting and interactive manner is enormous. Provide facts or put the users to the test for their

understanding of these topics. Creating such a game is, without a doubt, the best option.

22. General Knowledge games

For any competitive test, general knowledge is essential. It’s a smart idea to create an app that covers subjects from all walks of life. Add any multiple-choice or regular questions a person might have.

23. Chemistry games

Chemistry has solutions to many mysterious questions, from microscopic particles to chemical reactions.

24. Shapes Matching game

Form games that require you to recognize abstract forms and numbers.

25. Identify fruits game

Different fruits must be identified and their parent trees must be identified. Emphasizing their advantages. Their whole life cycle. The opportunity is enormous.

26. Identification of Animals games

Animals are adored by children. It’s interesting to think about spotting various species in digitally generated outdoor scenes.

27. Map games

Matching country capitals, naming country flags, identifying important locations, and other educational games are all nice ideas.

Puzzle Games Idea

28. Tiles matching

Puzzles sharpen the imagination, and tile-matching is one of the puzzle games that identify patterns on a topsy-turvy board. Developing a match puzzle game with fun content, incredible challenges, and the ability to interact with a Google Play Service account is sure to be a hit.

29. Word-search 

Playing word-search smartphone games will help you expand your vocabulary. There are six official UN languages, plus 18 Indian languages. Select from a variety of languages, and then begin creating words by choosing alphabets vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

30. Matching puzzles

Matching puzzles have been one of the most popular games in recent years. The puzzles must be solved by deleting, adding, or finding the correct fit. This will be a fantastic gaming app for both kids and adults to enjoy. You can have pictures that range from easy to challenging, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Action Mobile Game Ideas

31. Detective games

Investigator games in which the player is tasked with solving a murder mystery or determining the perpetrator of a crime can be very addictive.

32. winding path

To entice viewers, it has a variety of characters and thrilling features. In such an app, the user must choose a character and then guide it to cross a busy road with numerous obstacles.

33. AdventureQuest

AdventureQuest is a game where you go on a Let the game’s plot the centre of attention. To have a great experience, incorporate various technological functionalities and functions.

34. Sports league based

Digital sports leagues will be a hit for players. Choose a sport and start working on it.

Sportz fantasy games like dream11,mycircle11,mpl live and many more.

Conclusion: Mobile Game Ideas 2021

Making a home video game is easier with the aid of mobile phone gaming software. Often tech companies collaborate with mobile device companies to develop games.

As a result of a large number of mobile phone users, several mobile phone games have been created. Many of these gameplay concepts can be found in smartphone gaming applications that simulate the experience of playing real games.

The mobile games business continuously expand and a significant portion of the overall gaming business. People of all ages enjoy playing action, adventure, puzzle, card, board, and other genre smartphone games. If you’re considering creating a smartphone game for your startup, take a look at the more than fifty unique ideas presented in this post. Link with a reputable mobile game development company to bring these ideas to life.

Frequently Asked Question – Mobile Game Development

For which platform do you plan to develop a mobile game?

We’ve developed smartphone games for Android, iOS, and other platforms, so we know what we’re doing. We will design and create a mobile game for any platform based on your unique criteria and target audience.

What kind of games do you make?

Quytech has a track record of creating a wide range of smartphone game applications. Multiplayer, role-playing, fantasy football, action, adventure, casual, hyper-casual, board, card, and other types of smartphone games have all been developed and deployed by us.

Can you come up with a new game concept for me?

Without a doubt. R&D experts on our mobile game app development team will provide you with creative game app concepts for your startup or company. We’ll also assist you in determining the best tech stack and monetization plan for your game.

Whatever technology stack do you use to create mobile games?

We recommend and use the right technology framework for mobile game app creation based on the unique requirements. Our experts have years of experience developing gaming apps using Unity, Unreal, Corona SDK, Java, Python, Swift, and other technologies.

What procedure do you use to create mobile game apps?

We use a structured production process to ensure a flawless, exciting, and interactive mobile game. Conceptualization, planning, production, quality assurance, implementation, and servicing are all handled by different teams.

Do you provide servicing and assistance after the initial deployment?

Yes, we provide post-deployment assistance and repairs to ensure that game players encounter no difficulties or errors while playing. We have a dedicated staff to provide our customers with round-the-clock assistance.

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